Dear Bearded Confidant,

I bought an Aneros MGX recently and have been trying to achieve this prostate orgasm. Is it possible to have mind blowing multiple orgasms all through prostate stimulation?

Dear Mike,

The simple answer to your question is "yes," though how many orgasms you experience in a single session and the intensity of those orgasms will depend upon how carefully you skirt around and yet avoid crossing the point of no return.  The crucial key to enjoying multiple orgasms is remembering that ejaculation and orgasm are two distinct experiences.  As wonderful as ejaculation feels, it triggers chemicals that tell the body "we're all done here."  So once you ejaculate, you're very unlikely to experience another orgasm right away.  Sex toys like the Aneros MGX masturbate your sex organs from the inside, and that's helpful for not over-stimulating the tip of your cock and accidentally triggering an ejaculation.  Remember also that your brain is your very biggest sex organ, and that's why we refer to mind-blowing orgasms.  So in addition to working that horny prostate of yours, work on your erotic imagination.  I remain a firm believer in using raunchy gay literature (a.k.a. smut) to enrich one's erotic imagination.  Sexy imagery will always be indispensable, since dirty pictures go directly to the animal part of a man's brain (at the top of the spinal cord, known as the "reptilian brain"), but the explicit language of gay stories feeds a higher, more evolved part of the brain that can enjoy the journey and not just the destination.  With a well-lubed sex toy up your ass and a beautifully nasty book in your hands, you'll be on the right track.