Dear Bearded Confidant,

I am 17 years old.  And I have a question.  Well, I am a Teacher's Assisant for a Junior English class.  There is this one guy in there who I have kept my eye on for a while.  Just recently I realized I had a crush on him. Well, as I watch him at times, just the way he acts and does things, I personally think that he is gay.  But, I am not for sure! Also, another hinting that he may be, is that yesterday I was at school and guess who passed by?  Him!  He was like walking straight towards me but as soon as he got close  enough he moved over.  Well, I kept walking a bit more and then I stopped and stood there for a few minutes.  I glanced back and noticed him leaning against the wall looking at me!  I just kinda turned away and continued my walking.  Also when I am in the class room passing out papers, I notice from the corner of my eye that at times he is staring at me. Maybe he is gay and is interested in me?  I have a hard time talking with other guys who I kinda like. I haven't even spoken a word to him.  What do you think I should do? I'm curious if he is gay or not.  I don't want to act on it cause what if I am wrong?  Should I become friends with him and see where it'll lead? Or what?

Dear Gay Hunter,

Unfortunately, because you are a Teacher's Assistant and therefore in a position of power over the students, it wouldn't be cool for you to pursue a relationship with any of them. To do so would be an abuse of your authority. If you are looking for some male companionship and perhaps a little hot action, check out guys who aren't in that class. And if you hit on somebody and find out he isn't gay, that's the chance you takeā€”and indeed the chance you have to take, so you must always be prepared for the consequences (whether good or bad).